Kinda thinking about hiding the little romance blogs I follow like porn4ladies and our-lovely-bodies and others from my dash for a little bit because I just saw a pic of some girl just loving the hell out of sucking a cock and I got super jealous. I miss wrapping my lips around a cock, licking along under the head, trying to slide it as far as possible down my throat, listening to the quickening of breath as you pleasure your partner. Sigh.

Item 1-the night previous, subject eager to partake in fun, ready to embrace life.

Item 2-the morning after, subject not entirely sure even how she made it home, her make up has bled off her face, migraine occurring.

Item 3-post shower, subject can’t even find energy to blow-dry her hair so as to prevent pneumonia, continues to wish she were dead, still continues to rack her brain for memories that occurred between 1am and this morning, is grateful that she does not recall puking so at least she is saved from that embarrassment.